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One of the greatest advantages of the digital age is digital photography and photo editing. Digital photography and photo editing allow you to take digital photographs, or digital images and manipulate, crop, color-correct, and otherwise fiddle with them using photo-editing software. There are a few different types of photo-editing software out there, each designed to let you optimize color, contrast, and brightness, or resize and manipulate images.

Graphic Design Careers

Photo Editor / Photoshop Artist

Photoshop is one of the newest and trendiest software programs currently used in photo editing. Nearly every professional digital photographer or photo editor, ranging from beginner to very experienced, is using Photoshop to edit and enhance his or her work. Photoshop is a computer photo-editing program that was developed and published by Adobe systems, and is now the market leader for photo editing/photo manipulation work, and also probably the most well known, and widely used piece of software among graphic designers, engineers, interior designers, photographers, and photo editors. With groundbreaking creative tools, like more efficient editing, processing, and file handling, Photoshop provides photo editors with unprecedented possibilities, allowing you to clean up your photo images, and get the best picture in less time.

Learning to use Photoshop is also becoming easier. There are training courses, and training software available to teach you how to use Photoshop, and its different prescribed tools and techniques. Through training in Photoshop you will learn to manipulate and customize images, and do such things as create compositions of several layers, design graphics with high resolution, manage color at the pixel level, and use scanners, printers, and photo CDs. You will also learn in detail how to scan old photos and slides, and repair damaged photos using Photoshop tools.

Photo editing, and new photo editing software like Photoshop has helped professional photographers and designers more easily bring their visions to life through advertisements, magazine layouts, billboards, logos, and just about every other multi-media medium. And although photo-editing software was primarily designed for editing images for print, Photoshop and other photo editing software is being used increasingly to produce images for the web, and more recent versions of Photoshop include more specialized tools for this purpose specifically.

Today Photoshop is becoming even better known and widely used as it delivers a broader scope of tools for photo editors. Having a knowledge of how to use Photoshop can provide proof to others that your skills in photo editing are as up to date as they can be.

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Samples of Photo Editing

photo editing by Greg Apodaca
photo editing by Greg Apodaca
Befores (left) and Afters (right) both by Greg Apodacaexternal link

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