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a sum of money allocated for a particular purpose; "the laboratory runs on a budget of a million a year"

an ordered list of times at which things are planned to occur

Real World Example

This RFP is for a web project, but the concept is the same for graphic design.

RFP form from Dawn's Brain Design

Real World Example

This contract is for a web project, but the concept is the same for graphic design.

Contract/Proposal from Dawn's Brain Design

Graphic Design Planning

Budget & Schedule

If you work for an employer, your supervisor will typically determine the budget and schedule. If you are working freelance, you decide on these factors with your client.

Proposals / Quotes are your contract

A quote is basically a contract saying what you’re going to do for a client and how much money they’re going to give to you in return. Once that quote is agreed upon and signed and the advance fee (if any) paid the work can start.

Always make sure the client understands any revisions after a proof has been signed off will be charged a specific amount.

If you are doing the work for money, always get a signed quote. Never, ever work without one. Once the client is regular you may not need a quote if it’s always the same job.

Time equals money. The longer a job takes the less you’re getting paid. Figure out how much time a job will take, and multiply that by what you want to charge. A design schedule is determined by the complexity of the project. You should discuss this with the client at the beginning of the project.

Where does the project fall on the Design Triangle (Good, Fast, or Cheap)? Most projects should be two of those these, and will rarely be all three.

Don’t be afraid to charge too much. Quality costs. The more money a client has the more you can charge them. You can negotiate in some cases.

Determine usage requirements for design, illustration and photography obtained from other sources.

Once you’ve got the paying client signed off on the proposal, then you can start research and investigation.

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