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customer; someone who pays for services

Graphic Design Planning

Getting a Client

Build your client base by volunteering.

For most jobs you need experience to get the job. In graphic design and desktop publishing, you can build your own experience by getting paying clients.

You just go into business see if anyone needs a new menu or sign. You say you’ll design it for free. You just give them the CD and they get it printed. This stuff is all around us so it always needs to be done.

One of two things result, both of them good:

  1. You now have a piece for your portfolio, proof that you can and have done stuff.
  2. The “client” calls you again, and maybe you do it for free or maybe you charge them this time. I have gotten one client because I started doing the work he hated to do for him and he got used to it so when I told him I didn’t have the time to do it for free anymore he happily paid.

Non-profits are an excellent way to get experience and improve Karma if you’re into that sort of thing.

Once you get a potential paying customer, then you decide on a budget and schedule.

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