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closeness; the state of being near

Design Principles

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Page 4: Newsletter Masthead

Shown below is a typical newsletter flag masthead. How many separate elements are in this piece? Does any item of information seem related to any other, judging from the placement?

example 18

Take a moment to decide which items should be grouped into closer proximity and which should be separated.

The two items on the top left are in close proximity to each other, implying a relationship. But should these two have a relationship? Is it the Society that's amusing and peculiar, or "The Shakespeare Papers"?

How about the volume number and date? They should be close together since they both identify this particular issue.


In the example below, the proper relationships have been established.

example 18b

Notice I did a couple of other things along the way:

  • I changed everything from all caps to lowercase with
    appropriate capitals, which gave me room to make the title bigger and stronger.
  • I changed the corners from rounded to straight, giving the piece a cleaner, stronger look.
  • I enlarged the swan and overlapped the edge with it. Don't be a wimp.



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Source: The Non-Designer's Design Book by Robin Williams

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