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Page 4: Repetition Review

  • Repetition is a stronger form of being consistent.
  • Look at the elements you already repeat (bullets, typefaces, lines, colors, etc.): see if it might be appropriate to make one of these elements stronger and use it as a repetitive element.
  • Rep etition also helps strengthen the reader's sense of recognition of the entity represented by the design.


The distinctive typeface in the title is repeated in the author's name, which strengthens their connection even though they are physically far apart on the page. The font for the other text is now in the light weight.


The small triangles were added specifically to create a repetition. Although they point in different directions, the triangular shape is distinct enough to be recognized each time.

The color of the triangles is also a repeated element. Repetition helps tie separate parts of a design together.



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Source: The Non-Designer's Design Book by Robin Williams

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