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Page 8: Summary

This concludes the design principles portion of our presentation. You probably want more examples. Examples are all around you - what I most hope to have painlessly instilled in you is an increased visual awareness. I thought about providing "cookie cutter" designs, but, as it has been said so truly, it is better to give you a fishing pole than a fish.

Keep in mind that professional designers are always "stealing" other ideas; they are constantly looking around for inspiration. If you're doing a flyer, find a flyer you really like and adapt the layout. Simply by using your own text and graphics , the original flyer turns into your own unique flyer. Find a business card you like and adapt it to your own. Find a newsletter masthead you like and adapt it to your own. It changes in the adaptation and becomes yours. We all do it.

For now, have fun. Lighten up. Don't take all this design stuff too seriously. I guarantee that if you simply follow the Four Principles of Design, you will be creating dynamic, interesting, organized pages you will be proud of.


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Source: The Non-Designer's Design Book by Robin Williams

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