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Real World Example

This Request for Proposal was one I created for my own design business. I did not require clients to complete it, but it gave us some talking points when discussing what they wanted from their Web site project.

Real World Example

Homework 3: Request for Proposal

Real World Example

Proposal/Contract from Dawn's Brain Design

Web Design

Sample Request for Proposal

Thorough planning of your web site project will save you time and money in the long run. It will improve communication of your needs to designers such as myself. The Request for Proposal questionnaire below gives an overview of many of the considerations when undertaking a web site creation. Your responses to these considerations will help me provide you an accurate project price and schedule, and they will also help me to draw up our Contract for Services.

Company Basics
Please tell me a little about who you are.

  1. Brief company description
  2. Brief industry description
  3. Description of competitors and their web sites/marketing collateral
  4. Company contact information  
  5. Company name  
  6. Company location  
  7. Contact name and title  
  8. Contact phone number  
  9. Contact e-mail address  
  10. Company web site      

Project Basics
Please tell me what you want to do. 

  1. Mission statement or summary of project
  2. Goals of project, short and long-term  
    1. Branding/identity reinforcement  
    2. Improved access to information  
    3. Direct sales  
    4. Corporate communication  
    5. Other
  3. Scope of project  
    1. Redesign/Overhaul of web site  
    2. New Web Site  
    3. Intranet  
    4. E-mail Accounts  
    5. Flash Movie  
    6. Flash Web Site  
    7. Simple Starter Site  
    8. Web Site Promotion  
    9. E-commerce Development  
    10. Content Management  
    11. Database Creation  
    12. Custom Development / Web-Based Applications  
    13. Web Site Maintenance  
    14. Web Site Hosting  
    15. Company Branding/Identity  
    16. Marketing Collateral (eg. brochures, advertising, business cards, stationery)  
    17. Other
  4. Description of group developing project
  5. Identification of decision-makers; what criteria will they be using?
  6. Identification of other third parties/contractors on project
  7. Identification of in-house staff contributing to project and description of their role(s)
  8. Measures for success of project
  9. Schedule requirements  
    1. When do you expect to start production?  
    2. In what timeframe must it be complete?  
    3. Are there specific milestones that must be met by certain dates?
  10. Budget, or budget range for various portions (we need to know this so that we can tailor the solutions we propose to match your budget needs)
  11. Previous work completed on project
  12. Describe existing identity/branding assets (logos, artwork, fonts) available for project

Rank these Criteria in Order of Importance
Please tell me what you value.

  1. A web strategy that fits with our corporate strategy
  2. A web strategy that fits with our marketing strategy
  3. Re-purposing existing content
  4. Creating a community of dedicated visitors
  5. Quality execution (graphics, writing, navigation, etc.)
  6. Time to market
  7. Ease of maintenance
  8. Doing better than our competition on the Web
  9. People bookmark the site because they get so much out of it regularly
  10. Staying within the budget
  11. Sending the message that we know the Web and use it appropriately      

Audience, Content, and Functionality
Please tell me what needs you have. 

  1. Who will be your audience?  
    1. What types of visitors do you want to attract (demographics)?  
    2. What are your goals for each type of visitor?  
    3. What are the products/services involved?  
    4. What are your goals for these products/services?  
    5. How technically savvy is your expected audience? Will most be oh high-speed connections, or on dial-up?
    6. How large to you expect your user base to be?
  2. Where will content come from?  
    1. Will the web site content be new, re-purposed, or both?  
    2. If the copy you provide has errors in it, who will spend the time to fix it?  
    3. How often will you add new content to your site?  
    4. Who will maintain and update the content?
  3. What functional requirements do you have?  
    1. Which of these features do you desire?    
      1. Download areas (software, PDFs, images, audio or video, etc.)    
      2. Database-driven content / content management system    
      3. E-Commerce (see item b below)
      4. Catalog    
      5. Applications    
      6. Online forms/surveys    
      7. Site search    
      8. Rotating banner ads    
      9. Other  
    2. E-Commerce details    
      1. How many products will you be selling online?    
      2. Who will be entering product data?
      3. Will you include product photographs, and if so, will you need help in creating the photographs or optimizing them for web?    
      4. How will transactions be managed?
      5. Do you already have an internet-compliant merchant account?  
    3. Who will update these features?  
    4. Are there extraordinary security issues?  
    5. What types of legacy systems are in place? Are there any of the following which must be used?    
      1. Server software    
      2. Operating system    
      3. Application servers    
      4. Database    
      5. Other  
    6. Will you need analysis of your web site traffic?  
    7. Are there other technical issues or limitations?
  4. Do you need a new domain name?
    Will you need help in creating, choosing, or obtaining it?
  5. Have you budgeted for hosting and maintenance of the site?  
    1. If so, what is your budget?  
    2. How will the site be served/hosted?
  6. What are your design requirements?  
    1. Do you have color palette and font treatment requirements/preferences?  
    2. Do you have corporate identity guidelines that must be followed?  
    3. How should the site “feel” and what should it communicate to the visitor about your company?  
    4. Do you desire any animated or interactive elements? How are they going to be used? 

Ideal Web Sites
Please tell me what you like in a web site. 
Find the three highest quality sites (more is better) on the Web that relate to your project in each of the following categories. This will help us get a sense of your aesthetic, usability, and functionality preferences.

  1. Branding in a similar situation to yours (new company, new brand, established brand, etc.)
  2. Appeal to same target group of customers
  3. Whether or not you would build the site if you were in a different industry
  4. Colors, look-and-feel, user interface, layout
  5. Size of site
  6. Size of project
  7. Publishing model (frequency, novelty of content, etc.)
  8. Attracting new people to the site (newsworthiness, giveaways, impact, etc.)
  9. Your competitors' sites
  10. Quality of content
  11. Quality of graphics
  12. Functionality (things sites do for people)
  13. Community, special features, responsiveness, other categories important to your project
  14. Overall favorite sites (for whatever reasons)

All information you provide on your Request for Proposal is private and confidential. We will not share it with other companies or contractors.

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