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Quiz #8

HTML 07 Quiz
Due: September 19
Open Notes


The Relativity Grand Challenge

Here's your chance to put your relativity skills to the test. Here's a Web site for the top 100 albums in a folder named music. In this folder you'll find HTML files, other folders, and images. Your challenge is to find the relative paths we need so we can link from our Web pages to other Web pages and files.

Below is the Web site structure. Beneath it you'll find the tasks to test your skills. For each source file and destination file, it's your job to make the correct relative path. If you succeed, you will truly be champion of relative paths.

Click on the site map image below to see it larger.

quiz html 07 site map

You may want to copy the structure down on your paper, or open two browser windows so you can see both the map and the quiz.


The first one is done for you.

quiz html 07 challenge


Source: "Head First HTML: with CSS & XHTML" by Elisabeth Freeman and Eric Freeman

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