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Dawn Pedersen received her Bachelor's degree in fine art in 1998. Her degree emphasis was in studio techniques: drawing and painting mostly.

Miss Pedersen began to teach herself HTML and web design in 1999. She first practiced her new skills on her own Web site and her father's business Web site. She was hired in 2000 as a web designer by a software company called Connectix in San Mateo, and that's where she really learned to be a web designer. She worked with the company until 2002, when it was purchased by Microsoft.

Since 2002, she has also worked for a printing company as a graphic and web designer, as a design teacher at Sacramento City College, as a computer applications teacher for adults at New Horizons, and as an art and drama teacher for a middle school and a high school .

While working at Connectix, Miss Pedersen began doing freelance web and graphic design from her home in her spare time. She maintained the business, called Dawn's Brain Design, through 2006. She completed several college courses in web scripting and graphic design. She developed an impressive portfolio and a heap of experience in the field.

In fall of 2006, she began teaching full time and didn't have any spare time left!

Miss Pedersen is very excited about her relatively new career as a teacher. She lives in Sacramento with three cats.

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