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Chapter 01 Design Project:
Getting Started with Adobe Photoshop CS3

As an avid, albeit novice Photoshop user, you have grasped the importance of how layers affect your image. With a little practice, you can examine a single-layer image and guess which objects might display on their own layers. Now, you’re ready to examine the images created by Photoshop experts and critique them on their use of layers.

  1. View Photoshop contest entries at Worth1000.com.
  2. Review the categories, then download an image from each of two different contests.
  3. Start Photoshop, then open the downloaded images.
  4. Save one image as Critique-1.psd and the other as Critique-2.psd in the Photoshop format.
  5. Analyze each image for its potential use of layers.
  6. Open the File Info dialog box for Critique-1.psd, then type in the Description section your speculation as to the number of layers there might be in the image, their possible order on the Layers palette, and how moving the layers would affect the image.
  7. Compare your images to the sample shown below (click for a larger image).
  8. Close the dialog box.


chapter 1 design project


Source: "Adobe Photoshop CS3 Revealed" by Elizabeth Eisner Reding

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