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Chapter 02 Design Project:
Working with Layers

A friend of yours has designed a new heatabsorbing coffee cup for take-out orders. She is going to present the prototype to a prospective vendor, but first needs to print a brochure. She’s asked you to design an eye-catching cover.

  1. Open PS 2-9.psd, update the text layers if necessary, then save it as "Coffee Cover". The Garamond font is used in this file. Please make a substitution if this font is not available on your computer.
  2. Open PS 2-10.psd, then drag the entire image to Coffee Cover.
  3. Close PS 2-10.psd.
  4. Rename Layer 1 with the name "Mocha".
  5. Delete the Background layer and convert the Mocha layer into a new Background layer.
  6. Reposition the layer objects so they look like the sample. (Hint: You might have to reorganize the layers in the stack so all layers are visible.)
  7. Create a layer group at the top of the layer stack, name it "Java Text", apply a color of your choice to the layer group, then drag the type layers to it.
  8. Save your work, then compare your image to the sample below.


chapter 2 design project


Source: "Adobe Photoshop CS3 Revealed" by Elizabeth Eisner Reding

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