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Chapter 02 Project Builder 1:
Working with Layers

A credit union is developing a hotline for members to use to help abate credit card fraud as soon as it occurs. They’re going to distribute 10,000 refrigerator magnets over the next three weeks. As part of their effort to build community awareness of the project, they’ve sponsored a contest for the magnet design. You decide to enter the contest.

  1. Open PS 2-5.psd, then save it as "Outlaw Fraud". The Palatino Linotype font is used in this file. Please make a substitution if this font is not available on your computer.
  2. Open PS 2-6.psd, use the Color Range dialog box or any selection tool on the Tools palette to select the cell phone image, then drag it to the Outlaw Fraud image.
  3. Rename the newly created layer "Cell Phone", then apply a color to the layer on the Layers palette. Make sure the Cell Phone layer is beneath the type layer.
  4. Convert the Background layer to an image layer (double-click on it), then rename it "Banner".
  5. Change the opacity of the Banner layer to any setting you like.
  6. Defringe the Cell Phone layer using the pixel width of your choice.
  7. Save your work, then compare your image to the sample shown below. Your image may vary.


chapter 2 project 1


Source: "Adobe Photoshop CS3 Revealed" by Elizabeth Eisner Reding

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