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Chapter 02 Skills Review:
Working with Layers


A) Examine and convert layers.

  1. Start Photoshop.
  2. Open PS 2-3.psd from the drive and folder
    where you store your Data Files, update
    any text layers, if necessary, then save it
    as Music Store.
  3. Make sure the rulers appear and that pixels
    are the unit of measurement.
  4. Delete the Background layer.
  5. Verify that the Rainbow blend layer is active,
    then convert the image layer to a
    Background layer.
  6. Save your work.

B) Add and delete layers.

  1. Make Layer 2 active.
  2. Create a new layer above this layer using the
    Layer menu.
  3. Accept the default name (Layer 4), and
    change the color of the layer to Red.
  4. Delete Layer 4.
  5. Make Layer 2 active (if it is not already the
    active layer), then create a new layer using the
    Create a new layer button on the Layers palette.
  6. Save your work.

C) Add a selection from one image to

  1. Open PS 2-4.psd.
  2. Reposition this image of a horn by dragging the
    window to the right of the Music Store image.
  3. Open the Color Range dialog box. (Hint : Use
    the Select menu.)
  4. Verify that the Image option button is
    selected, the Invert check box is selected,
    and that Fuzziness is set to 0.
  5. Sample the white background in the preview
    window in the dialog box, then close the
    dialog box.
  6. Use the Move Tool to drag the selection into
    the Music Store image.
  7. Position the selection so that the upper-left
    edge of the instrument matches the sample
    shown below (click for a larger image).
  8. Defringe the horn selection (in the Music
    Store image) using a 3 pixel width.
  9. Close PS 2-4.psd.
  10. Drag Layer 4 above Layer 3.
  11. Rename Layer 4 Horn.
  12. Change the opacity for the Horn layer to 55%.
  13. Drag the Horn layer so it is beneath Layer 2.
  14. Hide Layer 1.
  15. Hide the rulers.
  16. Save your work.

D) Organize layers with layer groups
and colors.

  1. Create a Layer Group called Type Layers
    and assign the color yellow to the group.
  2. Drag the following layers into the Type Layers
    folder: Allegro, Music Store, Layer 2.
  3. Delete Layer 2, then collapse the Layer
    Group folder.
  4. Move the Notes layer beneath the Horn layer.
  5. Create a layer comp called Notes layer.
  6. Update the layer comp.
  7. Hide the Notes layer.
  8. Create a new layer comp called Notes layer
    , then update the layer comp.
  9. Display the previous layer comp, then save
    your work.
  10. Save a copy of the Music Store file using
    the default naming scheme (click the "Save a copy" checkbox in the Save as dialog box).
  11. Flatten the original image. (Hint: Be sure to
    discard hidden layers.)
  12. Save your work, then compare your image
    to the one below.

chapter 2 review


Source: "Adobe Photoshop CS3 Revealed" by Elizabeth Eisner Reding

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