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Chapter 03 Design Project:
Making Selections

You are aware that there will be an opening in your firm’s design department. Before you can be considered for the job, you need to increase your Photoshop compositing knowledge and experience. You have decided to teach yourself, using informational sources on the Internet and images that can be scanned or purchased.

  1. Use your browser and favorite search engine to find information on image compositing.
  2. Create a new Photoshop image, using the dimensions of your choice, then save it as Sample Compositing.
  3. Locate at least two pieces of artwork— either online or from scanned images—that you can use.
  4. Select the images in the artwork, then copy each into the Sample Compositing image, using the method of your choice.
  5. Rename each of the layers using meaningful names.
  6. Color-code each new layer.
  7. Arrange the images in a pleasing design. (Hint: Remember that you can flip any image, if necessary.)
  8. Deselect the selections in the artwork, then close the files without saving the changes.
  9. Defringe any images as you see necessary.
  10. Extra credit: create a background layer for the image. Add a vignette effect to this layer.
  11. Save your work, then compare your screen to the sample shown below.

chapter 03 design project


Source: "Adobe Photoshop CS3 Revealed" by Elizabeth Eisner Reding

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