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Chapter 03 Project Builder 1:
Making Selections

As a professional photographer, you often take photos of people for use in various publications. You recently took a photograph of a woman that will be used in a marketing brochure. The client is happy with the overall picture, but wants the facial lines smoothed out. You decide to use the Healing Brush Tool to ensure that the client is happy with the final product.

  1. Open PS 3-11.psd, then save it as Portrait.
  2. Make a copy of the "Original" layer (Ctrl-J). Name it the default name of "Original copy".
  3. Use the "Original copy" layer and the Healing Brush Tool to smooth the appearance of facial lines in this image. (Hint: hold Alt down to select a good patch of skin; you may have greater success if you use short strokes with the Healing Brush Tool than if you paint long strokes.)
  4. Save your work, then compare your image to the sample shown below.

chapter 03 project builder 1


Source: "Adobe Photoshop CS3 Revealed" by Elizabeth Eisner Reding

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