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Chapter 04 Skills Review:
Incorporating Color Techniques

You're painting the swing set at the PB&J Preschool, when you notice a staff member struggling to create a flyer for the school. Although the basic flyer is complete, it doesn't convey the high energy of the school. You offer to help, and soon find yourself in charge of creating an exciting background for the image.

  1. Open PS 4-8.psd, update layers as needed, then save it as Preschool.
  2. Apply a foreground color of your choice to the Background layer.
  3. Add a new layer above the Background layer. Then select a background color and apply a gradient you have not used before to the layer. (Hint: Remember that you can immediately undo a gradient that you don't want.)
  4. Add the foreground and background colors to the Swatches palette.
  5. Apply a Sharpen filter to the boy at blackboard layer and adjust the opacity of the filter.
  6. Save your work.
  7. Compare your screen to the sample shown

chapter 04 project builder 2


Source: "Adobe Photoshop CS3 Revealed" by Elizabeth Eisner Reding

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