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Graphic Design Adobe Photoshop

Chapter 05 Design Project:
Placing Type in an Image

You are a freelance designer. A local clothing store, Attitude, is expanding and has hired you to work on an advertisement. You have already created the file, and inserted the necessary type layers. Before you proceed, you decide to explore the Internet to find information on using type to create an effective design.

  1. Review the Typography lesson.
  2. Open PS 5-5.psd, update the layers if necessary, then save the file as Attitude.
  3. Modify the existing type by changing fonts, font colors, and font sizes.
  4. Edit the type, if necessary, to make it shorter and clearer.
  5. Rearrange the position of the type to create an effective design.
  6. Add a Bevel and Emboss style using your choice of settings, then compare your image to the sample below. (The fonts Mistral and Trebuchet MS are used in this image, but use your own.)
  7. Save your work.

design project

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