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Graphic Design Adobe Photoshop

Chapter 05 Group Project:
Placing Type in an Image

Get together with one partner for this project. You can assign individual elements of the project to team members, or work collectively to create the finished product.

You have been hired by Natomas to create an advertising campaign that promotes tourism. Assemble your team and decide what aspect of the community you want to emphasize. Locate appropriate imagery (already existing on the Web, your own creation, or using a scanner), then add type to create a meaningful Photoshop image.

  1. Create an image with the dimensions 550 pixels x 550 pixels.
  2. Save this file as Community Promotion.
  3. Work together to locate or create imagery.
  4. Add at least two layers of type in the image using multiple font sizes. (Use any fonts available on your computer. You can use multiple fonts if you want, but keep your knowledge of effective typography in mind.)
  5. Add a Bevel and Emboss style to at least one type layer, and add a drop shadow to at least one layer. (Hint: You can add both effects to the same layer.)
  6. Position type layers to create an effective design.
  7. Compare your image to the sample below.
  8. Save your work.

Group Project

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