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Graphic Design Adobe Photoshop

Chapter 05 Project Builder 2:
Placing Type in an Image

You are a junior art director for an advertising agency. You have been working on an ad that promotes milk and milk products. You have started the project, but still have a few details to finish up before it is complete.

  1. Open PS 5-4.psd, then save it as Milk Promotion.
  2. Create a shape using any shape tool, then use the shape as a text path and type a snappy phrase of your choosing on the shape.
  3. Change the font color to any shade of red found in the Swatches palette.
  4. Use a 24 pt Arial font in the style and color of your choice for the catch phrase type layer.
  5. Create a Bevel and Emboss style on the type layer, setting the angle to 100° and the altitude to 30°.
  6. Compare your image to the sample in below.
  7. Save your work.

Project Builder 2


Source: "Adobe Photoshop CS3 Revealed" by Elizabeth Eisner Reding

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