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Taking Notes

For each of the Lesson Topics on the right (including the Introduction), write at least three bullet points.

Each bullet point should be substantial and meaningful, providing one of these types of information:

  • define a key concept from the list on the right
  • explain the options for a given tool, filter, style or command
  • describe the steps to do a common function
  • describe the technology behind a Photoshop feature

Be sure to write the Lesson Topic as a clear heading (for example, underlined or highlighted).

Graphic Design Adobe Photoshop

Lesson 03: Correcting Color Balance

All lesson instructions for Photoshop are in the form of PDF files on the student server (My Documents\K201\PERIOD X\OUTBOX\Lessons).


Lesson Topic




Fixing a Color Cast


Tint and Color


Colorizing a Grayscale Image


Key Concepts

When taking notes on Lesson 03, make sure you understand these terms:

  • Hue and saturation
  • Variations
  • Red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and magenta
  • Gradient Map
  • Duotones and quadtones


Source: "Adobe Photoshop CS3 One-On-One" by Deke McClelland

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