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Assignment #2

Further Exploration of Cut Paper: Student Choice
Due: August 22


Choose one of the five projects below and remember these guidelines:

  1. Each student creates an separate image
  2. Use three colors plus white
  3. Scissors and colored paper only (no pencils!)
  4. Keep the shapes as simple as possible
  5. Avoid an overly realistic representation of objects

Before you begin, ask yourself two sets of questions:

    1. What is the essence of the person/creature/thing I want to represent?
    2. What specific elements in this situation evoke strong feelings in me?
    3. How can I accentuate these?
    1. What feeling do I want to evoke with this picture?
    2. What principles might I use to do this?

Project Choice 1

Choose a painting that you particularly like. Placing the elements exactly, translate the painting into an abstract composition using only rectangles, circles, and traingles and three or four colors, to learn how the structure works.

Project Choice 2

Represent a situation that evokes a strong emotion, for example:

  • snake(s), shark(s), rat(s) or spider(s) attacking a victim
  • a parent and child with water
  • people dancing
  • a child giving food to animal(s)
  • a person watering, tending or planting plants
  • a person trapped in a cage/dungeon/flaming forest
  • a person triumphant upon conquering a bear/mountain/contest

Project Choice 3

Illustrate a poem or series of poems, using the same three or four colors but representing different moods.

Project Choice 4

Illustrate a cover for a book, or a poster for a movie. Ask yourself the same questions as for the other pictures, but add a further question: How can I most effectively use the letters to enhance the feeling I want to evoke? Look at how words are used on a variety of posters and book covers.

Project Choice 5

Illustrate a folk tale or short story, again using the same limited colors throughout, eliciting appropriate emotions for each of five or six scenes. Try making the first and last pictures similar to each other but different, to give a sense of coming full circle but with changed feelings. be sure to make a cover as well.


Answer the following three questions on a separate sheet of paper. Turn it in along with your picture.

  • Which project did you do? What story does it tell?
  • What emotion(s) are involved with this scene?
  • How did the shapes and colors that you used communicate this/these emotion(s)?

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