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Graphic Design Assignments

Assignment #4

Morgue File Group Work
Due Date: September 10


The class will be broken out into eight groups, one group per major category from the morgue file.

  • business cards
  • menus
  • print ads
  • brochures
  • catalogs
  • postcards
  • product packaging
  • flyers

Each group will do the following. All members in each group are expected to contribute to the group discussion. Everyone should take notes!

  • Discuss the items in your category.
    • Look at the sizes (also known as formats,) paper quality, colors, text, and images.
    • Compare: what do all the items have in common?
    • Contrast: in which ways is each piece unique?
  • Pretend this is a design contest.
    • Pick a first place, second place, and third place design winner.
    • Write down why the first place winner has a better design than the second place winner.
    • Write down why the second place winner has a better design than the third place winner.
  • Each group member is to write a report on your findings. Make sure to include the comparisons and contrasts, as well as the reasoning in choosing your design contest winners.

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