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Assignment #5

Gridding Puzzle: Lines
Due Date: September 14

The most important drawing skill is observation. This puzzle should help you become a better observer, and therefore a better artist. It will also help you become more familiar with the role of line in design.


Transfer the puzzle pieces from the puzzle sheet to the grid. An image will appear.

  • Each puzzle piece on the puzzle sheet has a letter/number code under it.
  • Find the corresponding letter/number square in the grid.
  • Transfer the image on each puzzle piece into its corresponding square on the grid.
    • Draw lines at the edges between black and white.
    • Fill in any black shapes that occur.
    • A dull pencil will work best to create these thick lines.
  • Visually measure where lines are placed within a square.
  • Try to line up edges of lines as they flow from one square into another.
  • Work slowly and carefully. Be as neat and detailed as you can.
  • Mark off puzzle pieces on the puzzle sheet as you go.
  • Do not trace!

Click on the images below to download and print the puzzle sheet and grid.

puzzle pieces       puzzle grid

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