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Assignment #7

Form & Value
Due Date: September 21

Value adds a sense of realistic form to otherwise flat objects.

Take a look below at how shapes are transformed into forms by adding lines and/or value.



circle sphere
circle sphere
square cube
square cube
triangle cone
triangle cone
rectangle cylinder
rectangle cylinder


  1. Read about The Five Elements of Shading.
  2. Using pencil on a plain white sheet of paper, reproduce the chart you see above with two columns.
    1. In the left column, draw these flat shapes with no value except the outline: circle, square, triangle, rectangle.
    2. In the right column, draw these related forms in a range of value (shade them): sphere, cube, cone, cylinder.
    3. Label each shape and form as I have.
  3. On the back of your paper, create a simple scene using each of these shaded forms.
    1. Fill the page - no tiny drawings!
    2. Transform the forms into real items. For example, the sphere can become a sports ball. The cone and sphere together can become an ice-cream cone. The cylinder can become a soda can. The cube can be a television set.
    3. Get creative! Find a way all four forms can work in a single scene.
    4. Add more forms to complete the scene if you like.
    5. Color the scene in colored pencil if you like (markers or crayons can ruin subtle shading.)
  4. You'll be graded on time, effort and creativity.

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