NHS Designs

Joan Miro
"The Singing Fish"
by Joan Miro

Wassily Kandinsky
"Farbstudie Quadrate" by Wassily Kandinsky

Paul Klee
"Landscape and Yellow Birds" by Paul Klee

Graphic Design Assignments

Assignment #8

Color & Texture
Due Date: September 21

A free-form drawing project that deals with the elements of design - color, line, shape, form and texture. Very wonderful detailed works of art can be achieved by simply doodling. Have a look at the works of many great artists like Joan Miro, Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee for inspiration.


  • Begin in one spot on the paper and start drawing doodles. Create as many doodles as you like. The only rule is that no doodles should overlap or interfere with any other doodles.
  • You can draw both geometric (that is, squares, triangles, circles etc.) and organic doodles (squiggly "natural" shapes). Or you can draw only geometric shapes or draw only organic shapes.
  • Fill your paper with doodles.
  • Fully color your page in crayon, marker or colored pencil, or a combination of these media.
  • Use solid color in some areas.
  • In other areas, experiment with implied texture: lines, cross hatching, dots, dashes, squiggles, smudges, etc.

doodle example 1 doodle example 2
Pretend the one on the left is in color.

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