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There are many tips I might use:

  • Use different sizes, styles and/or weights of type to separate information.
  • Put colors behind and important areas of information.
  • Use rules (thin lines) to separate information into groups.
  • Leave white space around blocks of information.
  • Align similar kinds of copy.
  • Put pictures next to important copy.
  • Put type in a box or give it an interesting shape.
  • Call out items by putting bullets in front of them.
  • Use different colored or reversed type (white on black) to separate and emphasize.
  • Enlarge a photo of something small.
  • Tilt an image or a block of copy at an angle.
  • Surround a very small picture or bits of type with a lot of white space.
  • Choose bright colors when the piece will be viewed in a gray environment.
  • Use a solid black area or a large white area for a newspaper ad.
  • Crop an image in an unusual way.
  • Use very large type for a thought-provoking or humorous headline.
  • Make the piece a different size and shape from other similar pieces.
  • Choose a paper with an interesting, noticeable texture or color.
  • Set important information in an atypical ("not typical") way.
Graphic Design Assignments

Assignment #12

Layout Game
Due Date: October 8

This is sort of like Bingo, but in teams, and drawn as a chart on the board.


  • I will assign students to four teams.
  • Each team comes up with a team name.
  • Each team will get a large batch of printed pieces from the morgue file.
  • I will draw a chart on the board with four rows and eight columns. This will create 32 large open squares.
  • Each team will get a row. I will write a team name to the left of each row.
  • Each column will have a tip from the layout page written above it.
  • When I say "GO!" each team tries to find one printed piece for each tip. You should be prepared to explain how the piece demonstrates what the tip recommends.
  • When you find a piece, come to the board and stick it in the correct box in the chart with blue sticky gum (I will provide this gum.)
  • The first team who fills in all eight of the columns yells "BINGO!" and game play stops.
  • I will choose random speakers from this team. I will ask them to explain how each piece they displayed demonstrates the tip for the column it is in.
  • If the team cannot give a convincing explanation for a piece, the piece will be taken down and game play continues.
  • The winning team will be the first to convincingly support the display of each piece in thier row.


  • Each student who participates gets full credit for the day (10 points.)
  • Each member of the winning team gets 5 points extra credit.
  • Students who do not participate earn no points for the day.

Alternate Instructions for Absent Students

  • If you have "free time" in class, or if you arrange with me to come after school, you can complete this using our morgue file. Otherwise, find printed pieces at home.
  • Find five printed pieces, each of which demonstrates one of the many layout tips in the green column on the left.
  • Do not repeat a tip.
  • Paperclip the printed pieces to a sheet of notebook paper.
  • On the notebook paper, write your name.
  • Make a large chart with five rows and two columns.
  • On the left side of the chart, describe each printed piece.
  • On the right, briefly describe how the piece demonstrates one of the layout tips.


Description of Piece

Tip and how it demonstrates tip.
















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