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Assignment #25

Photoshop Project 10
Due Date: April 10

ArcimboldoRemember this guy from Lesson 9b and 9c? Now it's time for your own creation. Make a collage which forms something out of completely unrelated images.

For example, as in the image on the right, make a face out of images which are not originally parts of a face.

Other ideas: make a car out of images that are not originally car-related, or make a cartoon character with body parts that were not originally parts of a body.

Also, try some layer styles and blending modes.

Don't forget to use Ctrl-T to resize ("transform") images after you select and move them into your composition on a new layer. Hold the Shift key down while dragging a corner handle. Press Enter to complete the transformation, or Esc to cancel the transformation.



  • The final subject must be created from at least ten individual images.
  • The images must come from all different sources.
  • The image sources must be completely unrelated to your final subject.
  • Each individual image must be on its own layer.
  • Use a layer style and/or a blending mode on at least two of these layers.


Turn in Your Work

Put all of your all your working files and final image into a lastname_project_10 folder. Turn this folder into the "Project 10" folder in the Inbox.

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