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Assignment #26

Photoshop Project 11
Due Date: April 29


Invent your own magazine and design the cover in Photoshop.

magazine cover anatomy
Click on the image above for a larger version.



  • Review the terms used for the anatomy of a magazine cover in the image above.
  • Different types of magazines have different approaches to cover design.
  • Designers select the colors and images and arrange the layout to appeal to their target audience.
  • Take a look at these magazine covers.


Getting Started

  • Brainstorm ideas for your magazine and for the articles you will feature on the cover. Who is your target audience?
  • Review the concepts of layout, color theory and typography.
  • Draw three thumbnails on a sheet of paper.
  • Create a new folder in your home folder called lastname_project_11.
  • Create a new document in Photoshop:
    • Name: magazine cover
    • Preset: U.S. Paper
    • Size: Letter
    • Resolution: 300 pixels/inch
    • Click OK and save the document in your lastname_project_11 folder.
  • Collect images and ideas from the Internet or from our morgue file


  • You must invent your own magazine. Do not create a cover for an existing magazine. 
  • You must begin by sketching out three thumbnail images on a sheet of paper.

The cover must have:

  • A masthead (magazine logo) which is easy to identify and read.
  • At least one large feature photo or illustration as a main image on the cover.  The main image must be manipulated in Photoshop to best suit your magazine.
  • A selling line/slogan near the masthead which hints at the magazine’s theme (for example: fashion, cars, celebrities.)
  • At least one cover line.
  • The dateline (the publication date as an exact date, or as a month and year).
  • (A bar code is optional.)


Turn in Your Work

    • Turn your thumbnail drawings into the inbox on the front table.
    • Put all of your digital working files and the final image called magazine cover.psd into your lastname_project_11 folder. Turn this folder into the "Project 11" folder in the Inbox.


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