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Mrs. Pedersen's Example


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Assignment #27

Photoshop Project 12
Due Date: May 23 (5 days)

Get inspired by a Photoshop Contest.

Visit PhotoshopTalent.com. Review a bunch of contests to get the idea of how their contests work. Notice how very different the results are for a single "Photoshop this" image. People of all different skill levels enter these contests.

Take a look at this contest, for example.

Some results look similar to the original but with some artistic changes and some additional images: PhotoshopTalent

Others look very different from the original because they the parts into something completely new. Notice how the lamp is changed to a crown here:

Notice, also, how the artist saved many images that show how the image was built.

Recall how for the Happy Juice ad in Lesson 11, you saved multiple versions as you proceded.


Specific Contest Guidelines

  • Theme contests: Take the time to read the goal of a theme contest. These goals are usually simple and to the point.
  • Contests with source images: In a source contest it's mandatory to use the source image in your entry. Not only use it, but also manipulate it in some way. Simply using a fantastic image and pasting the contest source on it will probably still look good, but it's not really photoshopping anything.


Getting Started

  • Create a folder in your home folder called lastname_project_12.
  • Choose a contest from PhotoshopTalent.com
  • If you chose a contest with a source image, click on the source image to get a large version of it. Save this larger version to your folder.
  • If you want to work with additional pictures, make sure to get nice, large images.
  • Create a document in Notepad and save it as "process.txt". Record in this document:
    • ADDRESS: The web address for the contest you are using.
    • IDEAS: List some ideas about what you might do with the source image. Do this before you start work in Photoshop.
    • STEPS: List and describe the major steps you took to achieve your final result.
  • Save a version of your Photoshop file for each major step. Name these "step 1.psd", "step 2.psd", etc.*

These Photoshop files can get really large, so you can save the steps as JPGs instead. Keep the same Photoshop file for all steps. Then for each major step:

  • File > Save As
  • Navigate to your Project 12 folder
  • For File name..., type in step 1 (or whichever number)
  • For Format, choose JPEG
  • Click Save
  • For Quality, choose 12
  • Click OK
  • Keep working on your Photoshop file and saving it often (Ctrl+S)



  • Your project must be in response to an existing contest at PhotoshopTalent.com.
  • Your "process.txt" file must include:
    • The Web address for the specific contest
    • Multiple ideas for what to do with the source image
    • Each major step is described in the order in which they were completed
  • Each time a major step is completed, you must save a new version of the file as described under "Getting Started" above.
  • I should see at least six major steps. Major steps are groups of smaller steps that have a combined result, such as manipulating one component of the overall image.
  • Your Photoshop files must be multi-layered, so I can see all the individual pieces.
  • Any other source images must be saved along with the Photoshop files adn "process.txt" in your project folder.


Turn in Your Work

Put all of your all your work into a lastname_project_12 folder. This folder must include:

  • "process.txt"
  • all source images
  • at least six Photoshop files, numbered in order:
    • step 1.psd
    • step 2.psd
    • step 3.psd
    • step 4.psd
    • step 5.psd
    • step 6.psd
    • etc.

Turn this folder into the "Project 12" folder in the Inbox.

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