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Logos for Natomas High Clubs

Two clubs on campus are looking for you to design their logos: the Auto Club and the Water and Gravity Club.


Choose one to design and follow the project guidelines below:

Client Specifications

Auto Club

Advisor: Mr. Lane

"No required elements except NHS Auto Club.

"Everything would be nice to have related to old school and new school automotive.

"Old school monster car would be nice.

"Playful, yet appropriate to safety, so some safety glasses, or garb would be nice as the playful theme."


Water and Gravity Club

Advisor: Mr. Frisella

"If your students are interested the Water and Gravity club logo could use a makeover.  If there are students that want to take a crack at sprucing it up or changing it all together (but including the same elements) then they have our support.

"We do snow trips, river-rafting/kayaking, and surf trips.  The elements that I would like to remain are the mountains, the river and the ocean/waves.  If we could incorporate the characters doing the activities as well that would be great.  If students have some other creative ideas, they are welcome to run with them…"

Water & Gravity Club mockup
Click for a larger image.


Part 1

Start with research, then hand-drawn thumbnails.

  • Fold a sheet of 9x12" white paper in half.
  • On the left, loosely sketch at least four logo ideas.
  • On the right, make more refined drawings of your favorite design from the left.
    1. One in full color - you choose what color(s).
    2. One in solid black on white paper.
  • Turn in your paper.

preliminary sketches layout


Part 2

  • Make a digital version of your color logo in Photoshop or Illustrator.
  • I can scan in your sketches if you like, but it is not necessary if you'd like to create it from scratch on the computer, using your sketch as a guide. If you use a scan, you must have it on a background layer that can be turned off and the remaining layers (created by you) hold together and contain all the logo information.
  • You may NOT use any images from the internet exactly as you found them. They may be used for reference only, or altered SIGNIFICANTLY from the original in your final design.
  • Make the logo file at least 1000 pixels wide by 1000 pixels tall and 300 pixels per inch.
  • Name your file lastnamefirstinitial_autoclub.psd or lastnamefirstinitial_water-gravity.psd, depending on which client you designed for.
  • Turn in your digital file by the due date.


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