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Inverted Mask

Take what you learned in the Inverted Masks tutorial and make your own Photoshop art!



  1. Find two large images online:
    1. One will form the mask (pick one with an all-light or all-dark background to make your life easier).
    2. One will be the background, visible through the mask (an image with lots of detail all over is best).
  2. Open image A and complete these steps:
    1. Desaturate the image.
    2. Run the Threshold adjustment.
    3. If your background on this image is all white now, go to the next step. If you background is all black, invert the image.
    4. View the Channels palette, the Ctrl-click on the RGB channel.
    5. Save the file with any name you choose (you will not turn this one in).
  3. Open image B, then go back to image A.
  4. Use a selection tool to click-and-drag the marching ants selection into image B.
  5. In image B, complete the following steps:
    1. Change the Background layer into a regular layer.
    2. Save the file as lastnamefirstinitial-inv-mask-art.psd.
    3. Add a layer mask to the layer.
    4. Unlink the layer mask from the layer, then move the layer mask into an interesting position.
    5. Paint out any unnecessary bits on the layer mask using black.
    6. Add a layer below this one and fill it with white.
    7. Save the file.

inverted mask example


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