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composited ducks

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Layer Masks

Using what you have learned so far about layer masks, create a composition from three image sources.



  • Locate one background image, and two foreground images online. Save all of these into your Layers Chapter 4 folder
  • Move each of the foreground images into the file with the background image.
  • Save the layered file as compositing.psd in your Layers Chapter 4 folder.
  • Arrange the images in an interesting or attractive way.
  • Use layer masks to hide/reveal portions of the two foreground images. These foreground layers MUST have layer masks that do this. Do not simply delete pixels.
  • Use Ctrl-T (transform) to resize an image. Hold down the Shift key while you drag on a corner handle to resize the image proportionally (not distort it). Press Enter to save the transformation. Press Esc to escape the transformation without saving.
  • Rename all three layers with a descriptive name.
  • Save the file.

composited ducks
layer palette with masks


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