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Online tutorials

Find a Photoshop tutorial online, complete it, teach it to a neighbor, and give me your feedback.



Part One

  1. Find a Photoshop tutorial online:
    1. good-tutorials.com is a great resource
    2. you could also check out Google
  2. Decide on one that will be challenging to you.
  3. Don't select the same tutorial as your neighbor.
  4. Complete the tutorial.
  5. If the images are not available, find similar ones at Google Images (choose Large images from the Showing: dropdown.)
  6. Save your first file as lastnamefirstinitial-tutorial1.psd.
  7. Save the web address somewhere. Copying and pasting it into a Word document in your folder is a good plan. You'll need it later.


Part Two

  1. Teach the tutorial to a neighbor.
  2. Do not simply give the neighbor the Web address. Teach it to them.
  3. I will help you move the source images from your folder into your neighbor's folder.
  4. Have a neighbor teach you their tutorial - I will move these images for you too.
  5. Name your second file as lastnamefirstinitial-tutorial2.psd.


Part Three

  1. Go to the Forum Topic and read the questions
  2. Post your response to the four questions.
  3. Turn in your files.



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