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"Picture This" Slideshow:

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This slideshow does not have most of the text from the book. You may borrow the book to review in class.

Graphic Design Quizzes and Tests

Quiz #1

"Picture This" Slideshow
Due: August 16


  1. Smooth, flat, horizontal shapes give us a sense of _________ and _________.
  2. Vertical shapes are more _________ and more _________.
  3. Diagonal shapes are _________ because they imply _________ or _________.
  4. The upper half of a picture is a place of _________, _________, and _________; objects placed in the top half often feel more _________.
    The bottom half of a picture feels more _________, _________, _________, or _________; objects in the bottom half also feel more _________.
  5. The center of the page is the most effective _________. It is the point of greatest _________. The edges and corners of the _________ are the edges and corners of the _________.
  6. White or light backgrounds feel _________ to us than dark backgrounds because we can see _________ during the _________ and only _________ at _________.
  7. We feel more _________ looking at pointed shapes; we feel more _________ or _________ looking at rounded shapes or curves.
  8. The larger an object is in a picture, the _________ it feels.
  9. We associate the same or similar colors much more _________ than we associate the same or similar shapes.
  10. We _________ contrasts, or, put another way, contrast enables us to _________.

Source: "Picture This: How Pictures Work" by Molly Bang

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