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Quiz #2

Careers in Graphic Design
Due: August 23


Write the numbers 1-10 down the left side of your page. These numbers represent the descriptions in the left column below.

Then write down the "career" letter (in the right column below) that goes with each number.

Open notes quiz.




1. This person is in charge of a creative team and makes major decisions about the visual elements of a project.


a) Web Designer

2. This person actually creates the structure and layout of text and images for a design project.


b) Technical Illustrator

3. This person helps define the visual aspects that will define a company and communicate its "image".


c) Prepress Technician

4. This person creates an emblem or symbol which represents a company on advertising material.


d) Photo Editor / Photoshop Artist

5. This person designs animations or interactive web sites in a multimedia graphics program.


e) Logo Designer

6. This person conceptualizes and creates non-photographic imagery that will represent an idea or story.


f) Layout Artist

7. This person creates detailed, very specific images for a variety of uses.


g) Illustrator

8. This person uses state-of-the-art software to edit or enhance photographs.


h) Flash Designer

9. This person prepares graphic design files for the press.


i) Brand Identity Designer

10. This person creates the layout, page coding, and images for a web site.


j) Art Director


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