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Key Concepts

  1. Hue and saturation
  2. Variations
  3. Red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and magenta
  4. Gradient Map
  5. Duotones and quadtones
Graphic Design Quizzes and Tests

Quiz #8

Photoshop Lesson 03
Due: December 3


Match the key concepts in the numbered list to the left with the letter of the phrase below that best describes it.


  1. The six primary and secondary colors in Photoshop's rainbow of hues.
  2. Varieties of colorized monochrome images, rendered using two and four colors, respectively.
  3. The two ingredients in color: The first is the color name, from red to magenta, and the second is the purity (or intensity), from gray to vivid.
  4. The best tool for colorizing a grayscale image, because it permits you to select three or more colors as well as modify luminosity values.
  5. This straightforward command lets you correct an undesirable color cast by clicking thumbnail previews.

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