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Key Concepts

  1. Cropping
  2. Whole-image transformations
  3. Interpolation
  4. Gang scanning
  5. Ruler tool
  6. Canvas
  7. Shield
  8. Origin point
  9. Print resolution
  10. Downsampling
  11. Bicubic Smoother
  12. Aspect ratio
Graphic Design Quizzes and Tests

Quiz #10

Photoshop Lesson 05
Due: January 17


Match the key concepts in the numbered list to the left with the letter of the phrase below that best describes it.


  1. A quick and dirty method of capturing several images with a flatbed scanner to a single file and then sorting them out using the Crop and Straighten command.
  2. A means of cutting away the extraneous portions of an image to focus the viewer's attention on the subject of the photo.
  3. An interpolation setting that makes a special effort to suppress film grain, noise, and other artifacts.
  4. That number of pixels that will print within a linear inch or millimeter of page space.
  5. The process of throwing away pixels and making up new ones by averaging the existing pixels in an image.
  6. To change the physical dimensions of an image by reducing the number of pixels.
  7. To straighten a photo with this tool, drag along an edge that should be exactly horizontal or vertical.
  8. The translucent film of color that covers portions of an image that will be deleted after you apply the crop tool.
  9. The relationship between the width and the height of an image.
  10. Operations such as Image Size and the Rotate canvas commands that affect an entire image, including any and all layers.
  11. The center of rotation or other transformation.
  12. The boundaries of an image, as measured independently of the contents of the image itself.

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