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Key Concepts

  1. Focus
  2. Filters
  3. Edge
  4. Unsharp mask
  5. Smart Sharpen
  6. Radius
  7. High Pass
  8. Perspective plane
  9. Stamp tool
  10. Allow Multi-surface Operations
  11. Warp tool
  12. Pucker tool
Graphic Design Quizzes and Tests

Quiz #13

Photoshop Lesson 08
Due: March 7


Match the key concepts in the numbered list to the left with the letter of the phrase below that best describes it.


  1. This Liquify function lets you pinch selective portions of an image.
  2. The thickness of the effect applied by a filter, often expressed as a softly tapering halo.
  3. The clarity of the image formed by the lens element and captured by the camera, whether digital or film.
  4. This Vanishing Point tool lets you heal an image in perspective and includes a source preview right inside the brush cursor.
  5. The successor to Unsharp Maks, this filter lets you correct specific kinds of softness, including lens blur and motion blur.
  6. Named for the camera lenses once commonly used to adjust and tint a scene before it was captured on film, these permit you to modify the focus, edge detail, and structure of an image after it's captured.
  7. A rectangle tilted in three-dimensional space that defines a grid on which you can edit your image in the Vanishing Point filter.
  8. A filter named for a traditional technique in which a photographic negative is combined with a blurred version of itself.
  9. The most consistently useful of the Liquify functions, this lets you stretch or squish details in an image by painting them with a circular brush.
  10. A ridge formed by the meeting of two areas of extreme contrast.
  11. A filter that mimics the functionality of Unsharp Mask by retaining areas of high contrast and sending low-contrast areas to gray.
  12. New to Vanishing Point 2.0, this option wraps a pasted image around multiple connected planes, which can meet at any angle so long as the planes share a common edge.

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