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Key Concepts

  1. Stacking order
  2. Warp
  3. Photoshop (PSD) format
  4. Merge Down
  5. Layer mask
  6. Group
  7. Clipping mask
  8. Luminance blending
  9. Knockout
  10. Layer comp
  11. Auto-Align Layers
  12. Photomerge
Graphic Design Quizzes and Tests

Quiz #14

Photoshop Lesson 09
Due: April 7


Match the key concepts in the numbered list to the left with the letter of the phrase below that best describes it.


  1. The name given to a pair of slider bars in the Layers Styles dialog box that let you hide or reveal colors based on their luminosity levels.
  2. The state of a layered composition at a certain point in time, complete with visibility, vertical and horizontal positioning, blending options, and layer styles.
  3. Created by pressing CTRL+G, this collection of layers appears as a folder icon in the Layers palette.
  4. The arrangment of layers in a composition, from front to back, which you can adjust by pressing CTRL with the brackets keys, [ and ].
  5. The ideal file format for saving all layers, masks, and parametric effects in a layered composition.
  6. Long a staple of photoshop, this command automatically stitches multiple images into a seamless panorama. Difference is, now it actually works.
  7. An option that uses the contents of the active layer to cut holes in the layers below it.
  8. When working with this function, painting with black temporarily erases the pixels on a layer; painting with white makes the pixels visible again.
  9. A means for cropping the contents of a group of layers to the boundary of the layer below them.
  10. Choose this command to combine the contents of the active layer with the layer below it.
  11. This command lets you distort a layer by dragging corner handles and pen tool-style control handles.
  12. New to Photoshop CS3, this command takes multiple handheld shots that share a common background and moves and distorts them so that they match up as precisely as possible.

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