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Key Concepts

  1. Raster art
  2. Vector-based objects
  3. Formatting attributes
  4. Point text
  5. Area text
  6. Fractional character widths
  7. Every-line composer
  8. Pair kerning
  9. Indent Sides By
  10. Series duplication
  11. Text on a path
  12. Warp Text
Graphic Design Quizzes and Tests

Quiz #15

Photoshop Lesson 10
Due: April 23


Match the key concepts in the numbered list to the left with the letter of the phrase below that best describes it.


  1. Font family, type style, size, leading, alignment, and a wealth of other options for modifying the appearance of live text.
  2. This numerical value lets you adjust the sharpness of points in a star drawn with the polygon tool.
  3. A column of type created by dragging with the type tool, useful for setting long sentences and entire paragraphs.
  4. Digital photographs and scanned artwork composed exclusively of colored pixels.
  5. A special kind of text layer in which the text is attached to a path outline to create a line of type that flows along a curve.
  6. The best means for calculating text spacing, which permits Photoshop to move a character by a fraction of a pixel.
  7. A succession of duplicated objects, scaled, rotated, and otherwise transformed in equal increments.
  8. Mathematically defined text and shapes that can be scaled or otherwise transformed without any degradation in quality.
  9. An option that spaces all lines of type in a selected layer by similar amounts to give the layer a more even, pleasing appearance.
  10. A text layer that has no maximum column width and aligns to the point at which you clicked with the text tool.
  11. This dialog box bends and distorts live text to create wavy, bulging, and perspective effects.
  12. The adjusted amount of horizontal space between two neighboring characters of type.

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