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Key Concepts

  1. Layer effects
  2. Drop shadow
  3. Layer style
  4. Directional effects
  5. Use Global Light
  6. Color Overlay
  7. Strokes and glows
  8. Specular highlights
  9. Blend Interior Effects as Group
  10. Adjustment Layer
  11. Smart object
  12. Smart filter
Graphic Design Quizzes and Tests

Quiz #16

Photoshop Lesson 11
Due: May 15


Match the key concepts in the numbered list to the left with the letter of the phrase below that best describes it.


  1. A group of layer effects that trace one or more colors uniformly around the perimeter of a layer.
  2. A layer effect that casts colors both by a specified distance and at a specified angle.
  3. When turned on, this check box blends a Glow or Overlay effect with the active layer before blending the layer with its neighbors.
  4. This check box locks down the light source so that all directional effects cast highlights and shadows at a consistent angle.
  5. One of a hundred or so commands from the Filter menu or Adjustments submenu that can be applied nondestructively to a smart object.
  6. A collection of drop shadows, bevels, and other layer effects stored in the Styles palette.
  7. This layer effect coats the active layer with a selected color, useful for colorizing the layer or replacing one color with another.
  8. Useful for creating both shadows and highlights, this layer effect offsets and blurs a silhouette of the active layer.
  9. A collection of color adjustment settings that corrects or modifies the colors of the layers below it.
  10. A series of dynamic color and contour attributes that let you assign dimension, lighting, and texture to a layer.
  11. Bright flashes of light that accompany a highly reflective surface, such as metal, glass or liquid.
  12. A special variety of layer that precludes direct pixel modifications in return for nondestructive transformations, multilayer editing, live Camera Raw access, and editable smart filters.

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