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Review for Test #1

Rules of the Game

1. Will we have as many rounds of the game as we can fit into 30 minutes.

2. Each round will have two 1st place, two 2nd place, and two 3rd place winners. Cards held by me do not win me any points. Points will be awarded as so:

  • 1st place winners: 30 points each
  • 2nd place winners: 20 points each
  • 3rd place winners: 10 points each

3. At the end of 30 minutes, points will be tallied. The three students with the most game points will earn the following extra credit points:

  • 1st place game winner: 10 points
  • 2nd place: 8 points
  • 3rd place: 6 points

4. Game Play:

  • Each student will receive an index card. It will have either a question/definition ("Q") or an answer ("A").
  • Wait until I say "GO!"
  • Hunt around the other students until you find the person with the A which matches your Q or vice versa. There may be left-over cards, so check with me as well.
  • When you find your buddy, both of you come immediately to my desk and show me your cards.
  • First pair to arrive at my desk with a correctly-matching pair will be first place winners. If the cards do not match, you will be sent out to hunt again. Second correct pair wins second place and third correct pair wins third place.
  • When we have third place winners, that round stops and I will collect all the cards.
  • A new round begins after I shuffle and hand out cards again.

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