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Instructions for Test #3 [open notes]

Photoshop Tasks (50 points)

You will be given a number of photographs to improve in Photoshop. Follow the instructions below to complete each task. Use your own judgment about what looks best and most natural.


Copy the Files to your Folder

  1. Navigate to RMK201\Period X\Outbox.
  2. Right-click on the folder "test3" and select Copy.
  3. Navigate into your username folder.
  4. Right-click in an open, white area and select Paste.
  5. Right-click on the new "test3" folder and select Rename.
  6. Rename the folder "lastname_test3" (replace lastname with your own last name.)


Auto CommandsTask One: Auto Commands (10 points)

  1. Open the image autocommands.jpg inside your "lastname_test3" folder. It is a dark photo with a green color cast.
  2. Try each of the Auto Commands with this image (use Image > Duplicate... to make several copies in your window.)
  3. Decide which one of the resulting images looks most natural to you.
  4. Save the best result as autocommandsedit.jpg in the "lastname_test3" folder.


LevelsTask Two: Adjusting Luminosity and Increasing Contrast (10 points)

  1. Open the image levels.jpg. It is a dark photo without much contrast.
  2. Go to Image > Adjustments > Levels to view the histogram.
  3. Click on Auto to take you part of the way to a better photo.
  4. Adjust the histogram to balance out the "sand" in each of the red, green and blue channels.
  5. Adjust the balance in the RGB composite, if necessary.
  6. Save the result as levelsedit.jpg.


CurvesTask Three: Decreasing Contrast (5 points)

  1. Open the image curves.jpg. It has way too much contrast.
  2. Go to Image > Adjustments > Curves.
  3. Click once right in the center of the diagonal line.
  4. Control-click once in a very dark but not pure black area.
  5. Control-click once in a very light but not pure white area.
  6. Move the dark and light points on the curve to lighten the shadows and darken the highlights.
  7. Save the result as curvesedit.jpg.


BacklightingTask Four: Correcting for Backlighting (5 points)

  1. Open the image backlighting.jpg. It has a very bright background and the subject in shadows.
  2. Fix it with the Shadows/Highlights command.
  3. Save the result as backlightingedit.jpg.


VariationsTask Five: Correcting a Color Cast with Variations (10 points)

  1. Open the image variations.jpg. It has a blue color cast and the skin tones look unhealthy.
  2. Go to Image > Adjustments > Variations.
  3. Make the image a little less blue, a little lighter and a little more saturated.
  4. Save the result as variationsedit.jpg.


Hue/SaturationTask Six: Playing with Hue/Saturation (10 points)

  1. This one's for fun. Open the image huesaturation.psd.
  2. Select the shirt layer.
  3. Adjust the shirt color using the Hue/Saturation command. Make it wacky:
    1. For best effect, choose a color range from the drop-down box. Then click on a specific color in the shirt (directly on the photo.) Then adjust the hue and/or saturation.
    2. Try a second adjustment with a second color range in the shirt.
  4. Save the result as huesaturationedit.psd.


Turn in your Test 3 folder.

  1. Right-click on your "lastname_test3" folder and select Copy.
  2. Navigate to RMK201\Period X\Inbox\Test 3.
  3. Right-click on the "Test 3" folder and select Paste.

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