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Review for Test #3

Photoshop Topics:

You Should Be Able To:

  1. Locate the following in the Photoshop Interface:
    • Image window
    • Tool bar
    • Menu bar
    • Options bar
    • Palettes
  2. Navigate in Photoshop using:
    • The zoom tool
    • The hand tool
    • Scroll bars
    • Multiple image windows
  3. Identify where the highlights, midtones and shadows are in a given image.
  4. Explain how the three channels contribute to a given image.
  5. Explain how we calculate that there are 16.8 million colors available in the RGB color model.
  6. Identify the main differences between the following auto commands:
    • Auto Levels
    • Auto Contrast
    • Auto Color
  7. Adjust the luminosity of the highlights, midtones and shadows within a photograph (and its individual channels) using the Levels command.
  8. Read and respond to a histogram:
    • Determine whether the majority of the pixels in an image are in the highlights, midtones or shadows.
    • Adjust the black, white, and gray sliders to better balance the histogram.
    • Avoid clipping.
  9. Identify images best suited for the Curves or Shadows/Highlights commands.
  10. Adjust the hue, luminosity and saturation of a photograph using the Variations command.
  11. Adjust the hue and saturation for a given range of colors within a photograph using the Hue/Saturation command.


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