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Quiz #4

Photoshop CS3 Revealed
Chapter 01
Due: September 23


  1. An image with complex edges can be extracted and used in other images.
  2. Flattening is a process that combines all layers and reduces file size.
  3. The Save As command creates two duplicates of the original file.
  4. The Open dialog box is identical to the Save As dialog box.
  5. The workspace includes the area within the program window where an image appears and is edited.
  6. The workspace is the area within the program window where an image appears and is edited.
  7. A dock is a collection of palettes, usually organized vertically.
  8. Multiple layers can be active at the same time.
  9. The position of a layer in the Layers palette can be changed.
  10. The paper orientation is selected in the Print dialog box.

Multiple Choice

  1. Using Photoshop you can ____.
    1. repair and restore damaged areas on images
    2. create and combine images
    3. create special animation effects for the Internet
    4. All of the above
  2. Which of the following is not an appropriate use of Photoshop?
    1. Manipulating an image
    2. Writing a short story
    3. Producing Web-ready animation
    4. Extracting an object
  3. Which Photoshop feature tracks recent changes made to an image?
    1. Layers palette
    2. Actions palette
    3. History palette
    4. Info palette
  4. You can use the ____ feature to find an existing file.
    1. New
    2. Save
    3. Create
    4. Bridge
  5. In Windows, which area of the Photoshop window displays the name of the open file?
    1. Menu bar
    2. Title bar
    3. Status bar
    4. Palettes
  6. The Layers palette can be used to _____.
    1. create, copy, and delete layers
    2. display, hide, and merge layers
    3. lock, unlock, and reposition layers
    4. All of the above
  7. Which palette lets you access 20 levels of undo?
    1. Layers
    2. Actions
    3. History
    4. Channels
  8. Which statement about closing a file is incorrect?
    1. Photoshop remains open.
    2. Photoshop closes.
    3. You can work on another Photoshop file.
    4. You might be asked if you want to save changes.
  9. Which menu is used to close a file?
    1. File
    2. Edit
    3. Image
    4. Window

Case Based Critical Thinking

Katie recently purchased Photoshop, and has been spending the past few days reading manuals and textbooks about how to use the program.  Her head is swimming with new terms, facts, hints and pointers as she starts the program for the very first time.

  1. Katie bought Photoshop because it is an image-editing program.  What does this mean?
    1. Users can apply various tools and effects to design successful URL links
    2. It can be used to take and process digital photographs
    3. It can change word processing documents into audio features
    4. Users can manipulate graphic images so they can be reproduced by professional printers using full-color processes


  1. A(n) ____________________ file has had all layers of a Photoshop image combined to reduce its file size.
  2. The file format used by Photoshop applies the ____________________ extension.
  3. In the Layers palette tab, when a layer is highlighted it means that it is the only ____________________ layer in the palette.
  4. The ____________________ that is dark is the active layer.
  5. The number of copies to be printed is selected in the ____________________ dialog box.


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