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Quiz #5

Photoshop CS3 Revealed
Chapter 02
Due: October 1


  1. Layers make it possible to manipulate the tiniest details in a Photoshop image.
  2. The order of layers does not affect the appearance of a Photoshop image.
  3. The background layer is located at the bottom of the Layers palette.
  4. Visible and non-visible layers can be merged as long as they are next to each other on the Layers palette.
  5. You can rename a layer at any time.
  6. Concealing part of an image without losing resolution quality is called cropping.
  7. When you drag a selection to a destination image, Photoshop places the selection on the previously active layer.
  8. When an image is flattened, all visible layers are combined in the Background layer.
  9. Only one layer exists in a flattened file.
  10. Only visible layers are included in a flattened file.

Multiple Choice

  1. The Layers palette includes the following different kinds of layers except _____.
    1. Background
    2. Portriat
    3. Image
    4. Type
  2. What component of the Layers palette can show a miniature image of a layer's contents?
    1. Toolbox
    2. Layer thumbnail
    3. Swatches palette
    4. None of the above
  3. Which is true about a layer thumbnail?
    1. It can be turned on or off
    2. It can be resized
    3. It is a miniature image of the layer's contents
    4. All of the above
  4. What is used to turn off the thumbnail display?
    1. The list arrow in the History palette
    2. The thumbnail button in the toolbox
    3. The Layers Palette Options dialog box
    4. The Display menu
  5. Which kind of layer cannot be modified extensively?
    1. Type
    2. Image
    3. Background
    4. None of the above
  6. You can merge layers using a ____.
    1. command on the Layer menu or Layers palette
    2. button on the History palette
    3. command on the Layers palette dialog box
    4. button on the toolbox
  7. Which tool can be used to move a selection?
    1. Move
    2. Paintbucket
    3. Zoom
    4. None of the above
  8. Which of the following statements is false?
    1. You can duplicate a layer.
    2. You can rename a layer.
    3. You can move a layer in the stack.
    4. You cannot duplicate a layer.
  9. Which menu is used to flatten an image?
    1. File
    2. Layer
    3. Image
    4. Window
  10. Zelda was already familiar with Photoshop’s selection tools, so when Dex quizzed her, she was not easily fooled.  In the following, which is the only tool that actually exists?
    1. Marquee Mark
    2. Single Column Marquee Tool
    3. Eraser Wizard
    4. Elliptical Lasso


  1. You can change a ruler’s units of measurement by pointing to Preferences on the Edit (Win) or Photoshop (Mac) menu and selecting ____________________ & Rulers.
  2. The ____________________ menu is used to turn an image layer into a Background layer.
  3. The Background layer is located at the ____________________ of the Layers palette.
  4. The Create a new layer button is located on the ____________________ palette.
  5. The ____________________ command, located on the Filter menu, is used to separate an image from a background or surrounding imagery.


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