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Quiz #08


Part I: Anatomy

Short answer
Identify the five parts of a line of type numbered below.

line of type


Part II: Type Families

Identify the categories of fonts below. Write the numbers first, then the letters that match. There are more category names than fonts, so one will be left off.

1.night sky


3. book antiqua

4. tropicana

5. arial narrow


  1. Serif
  2. Sans Serif
  3. Antique
  4. Decorative
  5. Script
  6. Symbol


Part III: Choosing a Font

  1. What is the address of a Web site that offers fonts for sale?
  2. What is the address of a Web site that offers free fonts?
  3. What's the first thing you should do when you receive copy (text)?
  4. What is essential in information design?
  5. On what everyday object would you find information design?
  6. What country is the font Bodoni from?
  7. Which font would work better for an Old West feel, Mesquite or Avant Guard?
  8. Which font would work better for a wedding invitation, Princeton or Shelly Allegro?
  9. Which font would work better for road signs, KidTypePaint or Helvetica?
  10. What is it called if you use a non-free commercial font for which you do not own a license?

Part IV: Styling and Formatting

  1. How many points are in an inch?
  2. What should the size range be for body copy in books and magazines?
  3. Should body copy ever be set in all upper-case? Why or why not?
  4. What is leading?
  5. What does it mean to set text "solid"?
  6. How do you calculate a proper amount of leading for a given type size?
  7. What does measure mean?
  8. What is the optimum number of characters for a line of text in body copy?
  9. What is the most common and most legible way to align text?
  10. What can go wrong with justified text?


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