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Quiz #09

Photoshop CS3 Revealed
Chapter 05
Due: December 9


  1. Color and imagery are often used to reinforce the text message of an image.
  2. You cannot use the Eyedropper Tool to change type color.
  3. You cannot use the Swatches palette to change type color.
  4. Kerning controls the amount of space between characters.
  5. The Check Spelling command is available as a selection on the Character palette.
  6. The Edit menu can be used to add a drop shadow.
  7. Layer styles can enhance and improve the effectiveness of type.
  8. The Effects icon appears to the left of the layer name.

quiz diagram

  1. Item 2 in the figure above is used to modify the angular appearance of type.
  2. Items 3, 4, and 5 in the figure above are used to modify the structure of the Beveled and Embossed type.

Multiple Choice

  1. Font families are generally divided into each of the following categories except _____
    1. Symbol
    2. Sans symbol
    3. Serif
    4. Sans serif
  2. Which of the following is not a sans serif font?
    1. Arial
    2. Bauhaus
    3. Century Gothic
    4. Lucida Handwriting
  3. The advantage to proportional spacing is that _____.
    1. Each character takes up the same amount of space
    2. The space between each character is uniform
    3. Each character takes up as much space as it needs
    4. The amount of space between lines can be adjusted
  4. Which menu can be used to add a drop shadow?
    1. Edit
    2. Image
    3. Layer
    4. Select
  5. What is the default drop shadow color?
    1. Black
    2. Blue
    3. White
    4. Yellow
  6. As a general rule, you should apply anti-aliasing to type that _____.
    1. Is greater than 12 points in size
    2. Requires emphasis to make a point
    3. Is too smooth and rounded in appearance
    4. Will only be seen on computer monitors, but not in print
  7. Anti-aliasing is used to _____.
    1. Create more menu options
    2. Improve the display of large type
    3. Hide mistakes
    4. Supplement spell checking
  8. The Bevel and Emboss style is used to add combinations of _____ and _____ to a layer.
    1. Color, hue
    2. Type, imagery
    3. Shadows, highlights
    4. Aliasing, anti-aliasing
  9. Which of the following controls can both be found in the Layer Style dialog box for the Drop Shadow and Bevel and Emboss effect?
    1. Angle and Altitude
    2. Distance and Degree
    3. Gloss and Distance
    4. None of the above
  10. After applying the filter, you realize that the type has become ______________ against the background photograph.
    1. Gaussian
    2. Flanked
    3. Unreadable
    4. Sharp


  1. Bitmap type is composed of ____________________.
  2. The Horizontal Type Tool is located in the ____________________.
  3. You can use the ____________________ Tool to change the color of type.
  4. The Layer styles are linked to the contents of  layer, which means that if a layer is moved or modified, the styles will still be ____________________.
  5. ____________________ is useful for improving the display of large type in print media.


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