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Water Drops

Layer Styles

Step 1

  1. Copy "7up-logo.jpg" from the Tutorials folder in the Outbox.
  2. Save it into your home folder.
  3. Open the file in Photoshop.
  4. Save the file (File > Save As) as lastnamefirstnitial 7up logo.psd in your home folder.

Step 2

  1. Create a new layer above the Background layer.
  2. Name the layer "drops".
  3. Select the Brush tool and set it to a 100% hardness.
  4. Paint a few spots on the logo with any foreground color. The color will not matter later, as you will see.
  5. You can resize your brush quickly to create different-sized drops by using the [ and ] keys.
  6. Save the file.

Step 3

  1. Click on the Add Layer Effect button at the bottom of the Layers Palette. Choose Drop Shadow.
  2. Increase the Size to 10px.
  3. Click on the words for Inner Shadow.
  4. Set the Blend Mode to Overlay.
  5. Click on the words for Bevel and Emboss.
  6. Set the Technique to Chisel Hard.
  7. Set Depth to 540% and Soften to 11px.
  8. Set the Angle to 90° and the Altitude to 20°.
  9. Push the Highlight up to 100%.
  10. For the Shadow, change the color to white and set the blend mode to Color Dodge.
  11. Click OK to apply your layer style.
  12. Save your file.

Step 4

  1. In the layer palette, set the layer's Fill Opacity to 0.
  2. Go ahead and paint on some more drops or "write" your name.
  3. Save your file and turn it in.


Source: Burt Monroy

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