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Chapter 01 Design Project:
Getting Started with Adobe Illustrator

The owner of Emerald Design Studios has hired you to design an original logo for her new company. She’s a beginner with Illustrator, but she’s created a simple illustration of what she has in mind. She tells you to create something “more sophisticated.” The only other information that she offers about her company is that they plan to specialize in precise, geometric design.

  1. Open AI 1-4.ai, then save it as Emerald Logo.ai.
  2. Select all four diamonds and group them.
  3. Select the group of diamonds on the artboard, then create a 75% copy.
  4. Use the Transform Again command five times.
  5. Use Smart Guides or Outline mode to help you identify each of the seven groups.
  6. Rotate one of the groups 75°.
  7. Select two other groups of your choice and repeat the last transformation, using the Transform Again command.
  8. Apply a dark green stroke to all groups. The image below shows one possible result of multiple transformations. Your illustration may differ.
  9. Save your work, then close Emerald Logo.

chapter 1 design project


Source: "Adobe Illustrator CS3 Revealed" by Chris Botello

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